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Download e-book for kindle: Quantum Physics for Poets by Leon M. Lederman,Christopher T. Hill

By Leon M. Lederman,Christopher T. Hill

ISBN-10: 1616142332

ISBN-13: 9781616142339

Quantum conception is the bedrock of up to date physics and the foundation of realizing subject in its tiniest dimensions and the sizeable universe as an entire. yet for lots of, the speculation continues to be an impenetrable enigma.

Now, physicists search to therapy this example through either drawing on their medical services and their expertise for speaking technological know-how to the final reader. during this lucid, informative publication, designed for the curious, they make the probably daunting topic of quantum physics available, beautiful, and interesting.

Their tale is in part ancient, protecting the various "Eureka" moments while nice scientists—Max Planck, Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, Werner Heisenberg, Erwin Schrödinger, and others—struggled to come back to grips with the weird realities that quantum examine printed. even though their findings have been no doubt confirmed in experiments, they have been so unusual and counterintuitive that Einstein refused to just accept quantum concept, regardless of its nice luck.

The authors clarify the numerous unusual or even eerie elements of quantum fact on the subatomic point, from "particles" that may be many locations at the same time and occasionally act extra like waves, to the impact human may have on their routine through simply gazing them! ultimately, the authors delve into quantum physics’ most up-to-date and maybe such a lot breathtaking offshoots—field idea and string concept. The intricacies and ramifications of those theories will supply the reader a lot to examine.

In addition, the authors describe the various functions of quantum thought in its nearly numerous varieties of glossy know-how during the international. utilizing eloquent analogies and illustrative examples, this publication renders even the main profound reaches of quantum concept comprehensible and anything for us all to savor.

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Quantum Theory

Download e-book for iPad: Universal Formulas in Integral and Fractional Differential by Khavtgai Namsrai

By Khavtgai Namsrai

ISBN-10: 9814675598

ISBN-13: 9789814675598

This reference e-book offers particular and conventional analytic calculations, and lines greater than 100 common formulation the place you will calculate via hand huge, immense numbers of sure integrals, fractional derivatives and inverse operators. regardless of the nice luck of numerical calculations because of laptop know-how, analytical calculations nonetheless play an important function within the examine of latest, as but unexplored, components of arithmetic, physics and different branches of sciences. Readers, together with non-specialists, can receive themselves common formulation and outline new precise features in crucial and sequence representations through the use of the tools expounded during this ebook. this is applicable to an individual using analytical calculations of their studies.

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Quantum Theory

Get Eman lectures on Quantum Physics shumi de ryoushirikigaku PDF

By Hiroe Katsuhiko

ISBN-10: 4844608371

ISBN-13: 9784844608370

「波?粒子? いや、どちらでもない それは100年も前の説明だ」


 量子力学を本気で学びたい人のために数式を使って丁寧に説明しています。 著者は好奇心旺盛な高校生に本気で本物の量子力学を教えるつもりで書いています。 必要な数学はその都度説明しているので、高校の物理や数学の知識があれば読み進めることができるでしょう。
 難しいと感じる部分は慌てて理解しようとせず、読み飛ばして先へ進むくらいの気軽さでチャレンジされることを期待しています。 どこかでつまづくとその先が読めなくなるという書き方ではありません。 実際に、後のほうが簡単だったりもします。

 普通の教科書ではかなり後ろの方で説明されることの多い原子の構造の話をいきなり第1章で説明し終えていたり、複素数の話を差し挟んでいたり、量子力学の考え方に疑いを抱いて反抗を企ててみたりと、ちょっと珍しい構成になっています。 しかし内容はかなり正統な量子力学の考え方に沿ったものですので安心して下さい。 初学者が抱くであろう、早く先のことを知りたい気持ちに応え、次々と思い浮かぶであろう疑いの気持ちを晴らすような理論的考察を含んでいます。


第1章 ミクロの世界の謎
 1.1 知っていてほしい大事なこと
 1.2 光は波なのに粒々だった!?
 1.3 ド・ブロイ波
 1.4 シュレーディンガー方程式
 1.5 変数分離法
 1.6 重ね合わせの原理
 1.7 3次元への拡張
 1.8 原子の構造
 1.9 ボーア半径
 1.10 電子は粒々なのに波でいいのか
第2章 複素数の性質
 2.1 虚数は存在しない数か
 2.2 加減乗除
 2.3 複素平面
 2.4 積の図形的意味
 2.5 複素共役
 2.6 テイラー展開
 2.7 オイラーの公式
 2.8 複素数の極形式表示
 2.9 波動関数の位相の変化
第3章 理解を助ける計算例
 3.1 なぜ単純な問題を解くのか
 3.2 井戸型ポテンシャル
 3.3 無限に深い井戸型ポテンシャル
 3.4 壁に向かう粒子
 3.5 トンネル効果
 3.6 調和振動子
第4章 確率解釈
 4.1 波動関数の規格化
 4.2 3次元での存在確率
 4.3 波の干渉
 4.4 期待値
 4.5 エーレンフェストの定理
 4.6 エルミート演算子
 4.7 不確定性原理
 4.8 観測についての誤解
 4.9 確率流密度
第5章 フーリエ解析
 5.1 実フーリエ級数
 5.2 周期を変えてみる
 5.3 波で粒子を作る
 5.4 複素フーリエ級数
 5.5 フーリエ変換
 5.6 不確定性原理、再び
 5.7 運動量の期待値の意味
 5.8 偶関数と奇関数
 5.9 波束の崩壊
第6章 多粒子系
 6.1 波動関数は現実の波ではなさそうだ
 6.2 もう少し正確な原子の計算
 6.3 ボソンとフェルミオン
 6.4 統計性とスピン
 6.5 エニオン
第7章 解釈論争
 7.1 粒子性の正体
 7.2 シュレーディンガーの猫
 7.3 創作小話
 7.4 ウィグナーの友人
 7.5 多世界解釈
 A. 位相速度と群速度
 B. 偏微分の座標変換
 C. ガウス積分
 D. ガウス分布のフーリエ変換

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Quantum Theory

Kimball A. Milton's Schwinger's Quantum Action Principle: From Dirac’s PDF

By Kimball A. Milton

ISBN-10: 3319201271

ISBN-13: 9783319201276

ranging from the sooner notions of desk bound motion rules, those instructional notes indicates how Schwinger’s Quantum motion precept descended from Dirac’s formula, which independently led Feynman to his path-integral formula of quantum mechanics. half I brings out in additional element the relationship among the 2 formulations, and purposes are mentioned. Then, the Keldysh-Schwinger time-cycle approach to extracting matrix components is defined. half II will talk about the variational formula of quantum electrodynamics and the advance of resource theory.

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Quantum Theory

Download PDF by David S. Saxon: Elementary Quantum Mechanics (Dover Books on Physics)

By David S. Saxon

ISBN-10: 007054980X

ISBN-13: 9780070549807

ISBN-10: 048648596X

ISBN-13: 9780486485966

in accordance with lectures for an undergraduate UCLA path in quantum mechanics, this quantity specializes in the formulation of quantum mechanics instead of functions. typical in either upper-level undergraduate and graduate classes, it bargains a huge self-contained survey instead of in-depth treatments.
Topics comprise the twin nature of subject and radiation, kingdom services and their interpretation, linear momentum, the movement of a loose particle, Schrödinger's equation, approximation equipment, angular momentum, and plenty of different topics. within the pursuits of preserving the maths so simple as attainable, many of the publication is limited to issues of one-dimensional platforms. a range of a hundred and fifty difficulties, a lot of which require lengthy research, enlarge the text's teachings and an appendix includes strategies to 50 consultant difficulties. This variation additionally encompasses a new creation by means of Joseph A. Rudnick and Robert Finkelstein.

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Quantum Theory

Download e-book for iPad: Mapping of Parent Hamiltonians: From Abelian and non-Abelian by Martin Greiter

By Martin Greiter

ISBN-10: 3642243835

ISBN-13: 9783642243837

ISBN-10: 3642437826

ISBN-13: 9783642437823

This monograph introduces a precise version for a severe spin chain with arbitrary spin S, such as the Haldane--Shastry version because the distinctive case S=1/2.  whereas spinons within the Haldane-Shastry version obey abelian half-fermi data, the spinons within the common version brought right here obey non-abelian statistics.  This manifests itself via topological offerings for the fractional momentum spacings.  the final version is derived by way of mapping unique versions of quantized corridor states onto spin chains.  The booklet starts with pedagogical evaluate of all of the appropriate versions together with the non-abelian facts within the Pfaffian corridor nation, and is comprehensible to each scholar with a graduate direction in quantum mechanics.

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Quantum Theory

New PDF release: Do We Really Understand Quantum Mechanics?

By Franck Laloë

ISBN-10: 110702501X

ISBN-13: 9781107025011

ISBN-10: 110769793X

ISBN-13: 9781107697935

Quantum mechanics is a really winning thought that has impacted on many components of physics, from natural idea to functions. even if, it really is tricky to interpret, and philosophical contradictions and counterintuitive effects are obvious at a basic point. during this publication, Laloë provides our present knowing of the speculation. The e-book explores the elemental questions and problems that come up with the speculation of quantum mechanics. It examines some of the interpretations which were proposed, describing and evaluating them and discussing their good fortune and problems. The booklet is perfect for researchers in physics and arithmetic who need to know extra concerning the difficulties confronted in quantum mechanics yet who should not have professional wisdom within the topic. it is going to additionally curiosity philosophers of technological know-how, in addition to all scientists who're concerned with quantum physics and its peculiarities.

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Quantum Theory

Eine Entdeckung von ganz außerordentlicher Tragweite: by Karl Meyenn,Karl von Meyenn PDF

By Karl Meyenn,Karl von Meyenn

ISBN-10: 3642043348

ISBN-13: 9783642043345

Nachdem Schrödinger Anfang 1926 seine Wellenmechanik bekannt gegeben hatte, eröffnete er damit viele neue physikalische Ausblicke und Perspektiven, welche die weitere Entwicklung der Quantentheorie entscheidend beeinflusst haben. Auch heute noch bildet die Schrödingergleichung die Grundlage der gesamten Mikrophysik und ihrer weit reichenden Anwendungen. Deshalb ist es sowohl für den Wissenschaftler als auch für den interessierten Laien höchst reizvoll, über die näheren Umstände und die Probleme bei ihrer Entstehung aus erster Hand informiert zu werden. Briefe berühmter Gelehrter und Forscher haben auch schon in der Vergangenheit das allgemeine Interesse des Publikums auf sich gezogen und mancher Wissenschaftler wurde durch die Lektüre solcher primärer Quellen zum Studium angeregt. Die hier vorgelegte Auswahl von ca. three hundred Briefen beleuchtet insbesondere die Entstehung der Wellenmechanik und ihre noch immer kontroverse Deutung. Eine ausführliche Einleitung, Kommentare, Anmerkungen, Abbildungen und Verzeichnisse stellen die physikalischen und historischen Bezüge her.

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Quantum Theory

Read e-book online The Quantum Screen: The Enigmas of Modern Physics and a New PDF

By Samuel Avery

ISBN-10: 0997141654

ISBN-13: 9780997141658

what's the connection among physics and realization? during this groundbreaking new publication, Samuel Avery provides the quantum reveal, a paradigm-shifting version of perceptual awareness and of the realm. This version appears to the enigmas of contemporary physics to illustrate the primacy of consciousness--the crucial oneness of spirit and matter.

Our highbrow tradition is split among poles--science and faith. it really is usually assumed that those disciplines--each separately crucial and intriguing--cannot communicate to each other. Physics can't solution non secular questions. Theories of awareness haven't any position within the laboratory. in reality, the other is true.

While psychological and actual stories seem to be separate realities, Avery believes new figuring out of dimensions (space, time and mass) will unite them. Dimensions as buildings of perceptual realization will wake up an inventive convergence of quantum mechanics, relativity concept, and old meditation traditions.

Scientifically rigorous and spiritually profound, Avery's version is way from an insignificant inspiration or trust. He bargains either an evidence of the quantum monitor, in addition to a chance to adventure it at once. He deftly weaves humanism into the cloth of challenging technological know-how. the result's illuminating and in all likelihood lifestyles altering, with major implications for the way we comprehend nature, ourselves, and every other.

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Quantum Theory

Download e-book for iPad: The Picture Book of Quantum Mechanics by Siegmund Brandt,Hans Dieter Dahmen

By Siegmund Brandt,Hans Dieter Dahmen

ISBN-10: 1461439507

ISBN-13: 9781461439509

ISBN-10: 1493936956

ISBN-13: 9781493936953

The goal of this booklet is to provide an explanation for the fundamental techniques and phenomena of quantum mechanics through visualisation. Computer-generated illustrations in colour are used widely during the textual content, assisting to set up the relation among quantum mechanics—wave features, interference, atomic constitution, and so forth—and classical physics—point mechanics, statistical mechanics, and wave optics. much more vital, via learning the photographs in parallel with the textual content, readers enhance an instinct for such notoriously summary phenomena as:

  • the tunnel effect 
  • excitation and rot of metastable states 
  • wave-packet movement inside a well 
  • systems of distinguishable and indistinguishable particles 
  • free wave packets and scattering in three dimensions 
  • angular-momentum decomposition 
  • stationary certain states in a number of three-d potentials 
  • hybrid states 
  • Kepler movement of wave packets within the Coulomb field 
  • spin and magnetic resonance 

Illustrations from experiments in quite a few fields, together with chemistry, and molecular, atomic, nuclear, and particle physics, underline the fundamental in addition to the sensible value of quantum mechanics. within the current, fourth variation all special effects are provided in complete color. It additionally comprises extra physics themes resembling hybridisation.

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